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The Colorful and Lively Release from Hilliard Wilson

A new single from Rolling Easy Blends Credibly refreshing set of sounds That come through with a fiery flare and assessed For Deep grooves, Bright colors and an array of gorgeous instrumentation That Bring out the best of every player on the track.

"I'm On It" Takes a series of outstanding Jams From instruments Like Keys, horns, and some seriously intense guitar work. One of the coolest things about this Single in particular Is how alive it is. It's got so much Action and Intensity That it has a way of just grabbing you pulling you in and keeping you there the entire time.

This whole thing feels like A killer live performance that you just can't look away from. That zest and that liveliness Picks you up and when you look down Your feet are moving. You can't stop it And I dare you to try. You'll certainly fail.

This release is absolute endless fun, and it just feels great to listen to. The louder the better to be honest. The performances on this record are outstanding from top to bottom and each player core love for the craft. And you can feel that from the performance itself. As a matter of fact, it almost feels like a live performance Being done right in front of you. That's the kind of energy Puts out and lets you soak in.

Now, this track We've been told, was a dedication to the legendary Carlos Santana and When you listen to the track you can clearly hear why. That guitar work is right up the same alley and was performed like a love letter to the artist.

This track Is part of a 10-song album Released Under the name rolling easy and was written arranged and produced By Hilliard Wilson which gives you more of an understanding of how the vision this man had came to fruition.

I'm sure the rest of the album is just as intense Single was. Certainly just as colorful, vibrant, and alive, I'm sure.

This Record is for Not just the listeners but the musicians out there This is for them to listen to and soak in really gain from it. Listen to everything that went into this album Because it's crazy and it works.

Hilliard Wilson Gave this passion project is all and it shows.

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