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The Classic Hard Rock Stylings of The Star Prairie Project

The Star Prairie Project recently released a full length record titled Panacea and it's a flurry of stylishly and slightly over the top guitar work (in a good way).

Now, don't get me wrong, this record is not just rock. It's a juicy group of songs that stretch through various genres. Sweet singer-songwriter ballads like "So Beautiful" are touching and heartfelt.

Acoustic classic rock songs infused with Celtic playing and soothing vocal harmonies, deep rooted slide guitar laced blues rock with tons of soul, and hard rockers like "Do What You Do", (the albums introduction track), all make for quite the musical journey.

This record does play out like a concept album and even with each song having it's own life, the full work as a whole is the most impressive thing about it all.

A fresh album from an experienced band you can really get into.

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