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The Amphibians drop a new single with a message

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

A fresh release from The Amphibians is a lush and fun alternative -pop single with loads of swagger and the ability to create an atmosphere that feels gritty and smokey but really comes across with a crisp sound and tons of lead guitars that just bend and sway over everything in sight.

"Living On the Brink" has a certain message behind it and it's about a few hot button topics which makes this one pretty relevant as it rocks out in a live performance feel.

Vocally this track boasts tons of attitude, and it matches the guitars in terms of that almost dirty swag. It all wraps around you and pulls you into its world for a moment.

It also has this classic feel to it in a way. Like a classic hard rock sound that lurks just beneath the surface and it all really has a coolness to it.

Are we all living on the brink? As the rich get richer, greed consumes, and inflation takes over?

That's how I take this one and I may be wrong, but it sure feels like that makes a lot of sense.

Piano rocks on, guitars have a slide wail to them, and everything just takes you for a ride.

So come join The Amphibians on this one and look out for the upcoming full-length release dropping on August 1st.

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