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Terrestrial Animal – Constant State of Decay

Terrestrial Animal is a Wilmington, NC band and they’ve already released two albums, a live album and multiple singles and demos. Constant State of Decay, their latest album, is the first studio album to feature the newest member Tiff Ellis on keyboards. Around the time the Covid pandemic hit, founding guitarist Ryan Kennedy decided to step away from the band. The current lineup also now includes Jason Ward (guitar), Sid Neel (bass) and AJ Moore (drums). The sound on their latest record has the band jamming out to their heart's content. In their bio notes, they say that’s how they record, they start out jamming and then learn as they go. Constant State of Decay opens up with “Duhkha,” where some bird chirping comes into this recording as well as footsteps walking on a dirt path. Some synths and Buddhist chants come in. There’s some ambience in the background as this track continues. The vibes were really atmospheric. Some melodic keys arrive at the start of “Law Of Impermanence.” The sound meanders for a bit, taking its time in getting realized. Next, some drums and percussion sidle in. Slowly, some guitars come out of the ether. The vibe was sauntering and proved to be a good listen. The tolling of bells signals the start of “Revivification.” The airy sounds were really atmospheric. Slowly, some sparse guitar riffs enter the sounds. The strands of guitars were loose and edgy. The sound once more meanders for a bit. The sound of rain and thunder filled “Path Of Equanimity” as well as some atmospheric synths. The vibes overall were very ambient. Next, some bass enters as well as some whispers that will send chills up and down your spine. The song segues into “Atman Within Us” and the transition was flawless. Some keys and synths come through for a reverberating feel. The moody tones of this track continue for a while as guitar riffs sound out. The band’s meandering sound continues here. Some more Buddhist chants arrive at the start of “Gateway Terra.” The airy sounds were really atmospheric and moody. Slowly some guitars come in and join the vibes. Slowly more guitars get realized as more synths arrive on this track. The sound builds and slowly gains more momentum. This made for a great listen. On “Doctrine Of Anatam,” some more synths light up the sounds here. The warbling effect flits in and out of this recording. Some drums sizzle up the vibes here. Next, some guitar riffs add some vibrant vibes. All the instrumentals come together for a great result. On “Samsara,” some more airy synths come into this recording. The sound was very busy and the noise level was on high. Eventually, all this clears up, making way for the sounds of the guitar. The music was once more very atmospheric here. Some more Buddhist chants enter the vibes on “Sukha.” It made for an ambient sound. I felt carried away by the ebb and flow of the music. The group choses to close with this atmospheric closer. Constant State of Decay was inspired by Buddhist themes and the song titles are influenced by this concept. Neel was bored at work one day and decided to explore this idea. A rough storyline was written and the rest was history. I thought this was an interesting take from the band. The meandering melodies and guitar riffs show there’s absolutely no rushing here. It looks like the band likes to meditate on their sound as the rather pensive and thought-provoking vibes take their time in getting realized. Altogether I liked the band’s atmospheric sound here. The ambience was really great! The band offers up some really impressive sounds and I can’t wait to hear more soon!

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