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Take a musical journey with Luke Blue and Crew

Luke Blue and Crew has dropped a a wonderfully woven new album that thrives with folk, contemporary pop, and is driven with descriptive lyrics and plenty of heart.

The Dangerous Music Man is packed with both vocal and musical hooks, tasteful guitar work, and a cinematic back bone.

You can hear classic rock, jazz, and more peeking through from behind the walls of the album while everything feels very passionate and honest.

The record seems almost like a concept album as the songs feel like they connect while acoustic guitars sway and ambient notes flow through the atmosphere.

Shakers, harmonicas, and other beautifully displayed instrumentation are scattered throughout the records courses and there are many courses to soak in here.

Americana shimmers at the edges of certain songs and this band holds nothing back when it comes to creative songwriting or straight rock jamming.

This album is for any fan of classic rock for sure but reaches much much farther.

Telling stories and showcasing a great variety of eclectic songwriting without losing that pop edge the bands keeps throughout the album is quite fun to journey on with.

So take that journey with Luke Blue and Crew.

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