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Susan G Brings A Sexy Pop Single

Susan G brought up a fresh and sexy pop single that brings together elements of R&B, jazz undertones, a touch of flare that create a sound that becomes very quickly addictive.

"Could You Be" is an alluring and very straight forward single that turns up the heat with provocative lyrics and sultry vocals that come through with a freeing passion and bang out harmonies and soulful sections with ease.

Susan G is one of those artists that has probably been singing since she was a little girl and even then, she was likely doing harmonies to the songs on the radio.

The control she has for her dynamic range and actual character in the performance is outstanding.

Susan G has been releasing pop singles with these beautifully woven approaches since 2016 (on Spotify anyway), and there is always this new presence she brings with each new track.

She has this almost cinematic cand gracefulness that shine through, and it all feels good to listen to. It's all so natural feeling.

"Could You Be" is the latest in her series of releases and it certainly makes for a great summer single. And just in time as well.

Come take a listen to this one and if you like it, you're sure to like pretty much all the rest of her releases as well so we suggest it all.

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