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Step into the world of Lucius Echo

With the release of the Ethereal EP, Lucius Echo drops a record full of absolute R&B bangers with elements of heavy hitting pop and addictive hooks left and right.

The record is a genre bending release as it travels through hip hop, Soul, Funk, and plenty more and all done with attitude and a tasteful style.

With a dream-esque and smooth vocal approach and a colorful variety of instrumentation both natural and digital, Ethereal rolls our all the bells and whistles you could ever want from a passionately performed R&B record.

The artists unique style of old and new school attributes in each song gives the EP a fresh perspective.

Loaded with hauntingly silky beats, backing vocals, and keys, the record touches on Lucius Echo's personality, and view of the world.

These songs are late night, lights dimmed, alone with your one type of tracks that really have some heavy sex appeal and character.

It's great to hear a record that doesn't hold back when it comes to genre boundaries and being able to hear how free the music is feels good.

Another single already on the way dubbed BLVCK is set to be released in the coming weeks as well so keep a good look out.

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