Spotlight Interview With Royal Wedding

The new single from Royal Wedding has the ability to grab you from teh very first second and keep its hold on you throughout its course.

"Holy Sympathy" gives off a combination of grunge, alternative pop, brit rock, and garage rock all in one emotionally driven and quite cinematic feeling song.

The track has a power behind it that feels passionate and heartfelt while the guitars riff in a slightly gritty way and vocals belt and wail.

This is a strong song for plenty of reasons but one of the most important is the it's performances. There are no walls built around the songs showmanship and it's a big reason the track boasts so much sway and heart.

You get engulfed in it's sound and by the end of the song you realize you've been swallowed whole and you need to stand up, and snap yourself out of it.

A great follow up to their previously released "False Idols" single which also keeps true to the bands strong performances on record.

With such a massive single, we wanted to sit down with Royal Wedding to get into where all of this comes from.

RAG: Okay guys, let's start things off with "Holy Sympathy". This track has a killer alternative rock and garage rock sound and even touches on grunge if you ask me. I think this track has some deeper meaning behind it as well. Where did this track come from?

● Liam - Justin was working on the base structure of this song for a while. Initially I had

written lyrics for it but I wasn’t too pleased with them, then Justin took it and

made it his own thing, lyrically. As far as the drums go it’s really just an

amalgamation of some ideas I’ve been wanting to implement for a while - a more

kind of ‘marching’ beat on the verse, that twittering off-tempo groove on the

chorus...some things I was using in practice sessions a lot at the time.

● Justin - I started putting together a guitar line for this song that is kind of hard to define

one specific influence. I’ve definitely taken a lot of inspiration from emo rock

groups as well as a ton of grunge rock groups. I felt that there was a strong

opportunity to rely on the vocal melody of the song rather than the guitar melody

which is something we haven’t gotten a chance to do in the past. As for the lyrics,

I wanted to convey the feeling of having no control over your own life or destiny.

The feeling that my future was already laid out for me was something I struggled

with a lot and thought it would fit well in this song. I also think that the lyrics can

be interpreted in a lot of different ways and I’d love for our audience to look at it in

that same way.

● Kevin - As Liam said, Justin is really responsible for the core of the song, so I will leave it

up to him to describe his rationale. Personally, I wanted a strong, but distant

presence in the song. This is evident in the chorus.

● Colby - I don’t remember

RAG: One of your other recent singles "False Idols" has a dark-ish feel to it. What bands and artists influenced you guys?

● Liam - For this song specifically? I think we started working on this song around the time

that the latest Daughters album came out. One of my favorite aspects of that

album are the brooding, sparse drum beats focusing on the toms, so I

immediately wanted to do something like that. Going into this album I definitely

wanted to try to focus more on texture and timbre, and I thought this song would

be the perfect breeding ground for experimenting with sound, considering the

pace and mood of it all. I strongly admire the way bands such as Godspeed You!

Black Emperor and Mogwai and Sigur Ros treat their guitars and instruments to

sound so texturally interesting, I really wanted to emulate them with the climax of

the song.

● Justin - I brought this guitar line to the other guys and thought immediately, “this is

something that can be built around in a big way.” I also supplied the lyrics for this

song and I wrote it about a certain musician and artist that Kevin and I loved and

grew up on together. It was a very upsetting and disappointing time to hear about

the scandal that this artist fell into. So in essence, I wrote it entirely about the

disappointment and heartbreak I felt in that moment. Musically, I give all the

credit to the guys for putting together an incredible song that at first was set to

just be an interlude. Liam brought a sound in the drums that I wasn’t expecting in

a slow and ominous way. I instantly fell in love with it. Kevin was able to pull

together an incredible front guitar line that you hear at the climax of the song. He

brought this dizzying, impending guitar line that really topped off the song in a

spectacular way.

● Kevin - I took heavily from more atmospheric parts of Touche Amore’s Stage Four and

Radiohead’s OK Computer. Justin and Liam brought the bones of this song to

me, and we began jamming to it. At the climax of the song, I would sort of just go

nuts with the tremolo picking. I refined this during recording and added a lot of

atmospheric parts, which Liam did a wonderful job piecing together and finding

the right tones.

● Colby - It was so long ago I can’t say I remember

RAG: How did this all start for you guys?

● Liam - My brother was in a band a while ago and I’d be forced to come to some band

practices after-school, so I’d bang around on the drums when they were taking a

break. When Kevin and Justin started learning guitar a while back and the idea

was thrown around about starting a band, I forced my way in with my very limited

knowledge of drums.

● Justin - We actually haven’t talked about this much with anyone. I really credit Kevin

entirely. I saw him playing guitar when I was at his house one day and instantly

knew what I wanted to do. Kevin taught me a song or two on the guitar and the

rest is history. We are all self taught on our instruments and we thought it would

be a great idea to start jamming together. The rest is history.

● Kevin - One day, I was teaching Justin how to play Wagon Wheel on my brother’s

acoustic guitar. The next day, Justin, Liam, and I were starting to jam together,

even though none of us really knew what we were doing. During the span of a

few years jamming in Justin’s basement, we began to notice a figure appear in

the corner. None of us did anything about it, and we seldom brought it up in

conversation. As time passed, it began to take form. The apparition would

eventually form what is today known as Colby. Of course we were scared, but he

said he wanted to play with us, so he joined the band. We still aren’t sure where or why he came to us, but we have learned not to question it. Nothing good

happens when we question it.

● Colby - I was coerced

RAG: Did you guys play shows before? Do you think you'll be focusing on live shows again when the time comes?

● Liam - Oh yeah a bunch, whenever we had a break from school and all the guys were

back from college we’d try to play a handful of shows. I really, really miss it. I’m

hoping I’ll be able to return to a world that isn’t, like, a post-venue nightmare in

the future. I’d love to play with these guys again, and I’d love to play in front of a

crowd. That being said, considering where life is taking me, I am completely fine

focusing much more on recording stuff, putting out stuff, and playing shows when

we can. Sometimes it's hard performing the summoning ritual that allows Colby

to appear, so we have to find time for that, too.

● Justin - We did get the opportunity to play at a couple of small venues in Northern Jersey

such as the Meatlocker and Boontunes. We met a lot of great bands and artists

that way that we still stay in contact with today. Once COVID hit the world, we

focused all of our energy on recording our upcoming album which we are ecstatic

about. We hope that we can start playing live again soon! But obviously,

everyone’s safety comes first.

● Kevin - I cannot wait to play shows again, but I am admittedly worried for the future. We

played a number of shows in Northern New Jersey and met a lot of really fun

groups. There is nothing greater than the feeling of putting on a show for a group

of people. I often think about a show we played at Boon Tunes in front of a

crowd composed mostly of our friends. Their energy fed us and we had the time

of our life. Man, I miss it. While I don’t know what the future holds, I hope for

certain that we will be able to play shows together again.