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Spotlight Interview With Prangar

A fresh release from Prangar delivers a colorful indie-pop vibe with a soothing undertone and a warm vibe all around.

"They Said" is a summer style single with vibrant guitar work and vocals accompanied by a sweet groove and some smooth jazz style keys that blend in retro-pop.

The bassline is outstanding and adds to the songs already lush feel and the vocals leave you with loads of hooks and harmonies that stick with you long after the song has ended.

The artist pulls out all the stops with this laid back pop single and it all comes together so well that it sort of creates its own atmosphere.

This was a tasteful and danceable track that will have you up and moving in seconds flat.

The songs infectious rhythm and feel will get you hooked and wanting more and the accompanying music video is just as fun as it features a live performance feel and a wonderful array of tropical and retro styles that go right along with the song.

"They Said" comes with a great sheen and swagger you could want from a sunset pop song.

With such a killer singe, we wanted to have s sit down with Prangar to talk about where this came from and what's next for the artist.

RAG: Okay guys let's start with the "They Said" This single has a refreshing summer indie-pop vibe that incorporates disco, funk, pop, and more! Where did this song come from? "I wrote the song about some chick who was messing me about for months. The song starts in my friends house where we were drinking. i got too messed and stupidly called the girl. We’ve all been there, right? Ringing people we shouldn’t when lit haha. Anyway, I crawl up the stairs from the basement, ring her and get no answer. I think they did eventually answer, but it was a bad idea to call. Anyway the song goes through the motions. I go back downstairs and get more drunk to forget about the situation. Then I eventually come to my senses. A friend of mine tells me not to waste my time on people who treat me like second best - hence the lyrics in the chorus. Don’t reduce your worth for people who don’t appreciate you - that’s the message, I guess" RAG: I'm hearing some great variety in songwriting and style on this song. Who are some of your actual biggest musical influences? “That’s a hard thing to pinpoint, I listen to so much different music. I think with this song and my more recent stuff, I’m heavily inspired by Men I Trust, Still Woozy, Mac Demarco, Homeshake, Dayglow, Benee, etc. I listen to everything though, And I sometimes get inspired by flows/beats, slowed down of course, from uk garage and jungle etc, but I didn’t on this track. That’s more on my experimental stuff that I haven’t released! My older stuff was very Mac Demarco and King Krule inspired though, for sure" RAG: So tell us, how did this all start for you? “I’ve been in and out of bands for years. My first band I formed around 2012 when I was in high school, doing originals and stuff. I then went to uni and joined a few bands there, writing music with my house mate. i think I learnt a lot in this period with making music to a semi-pro level, dare I call that? You know what I mean haha. Anyway, yeah… I had some bad times at uni too and became quite anxious, hence the name Prangar - which is derived form the english slang of “pranging out” which means being jittery and high strung. I started recording everything in my bedroom when I struggled to go out and play in bands. The first tune I released in 2015 and it is on YouTube. It’s titled “Prangar - This Time”… my sound and music has come a long way i think. But I still like that first song. I guess “Taking it Slow” which I put out in 2019 really started things off for this project. It made me get more serious about the music"

RAG: What would you say is next for you as an artist? “Make some banging new tracks, get in major Spotify playlists, get signed to a record label, write an album, do some festivals - no sweat, right… Lots of work to do" RAG: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music? “I work full time in some finance job. It pays the bills man. Someone sign me, I’m ready to be a full time musician and just get smashed and wasted all the time, you know real rockstar shite or whatever." RAG: With things slowly getting better, will you be planning any live performances? “I’m seeing how things go over the next few months, but the band are on standby and we should be good to get some practices in soon and carry on gigging. Got a new drummer and a new guitarist joining. We were gigging quite a bit in 2019, but things really slowed down after that point due to Covid-19. it’s been nearly two years since I gigged, crazy. It’s deffo slowed down the artist development process and getting exposure. I’m ready to spring back into action though" RAG: Who are you all listening to right now? “Revisiting lots of classics. I’m listening to a lot of Stone Roses and The Cribs at the moment - English Indie, I guess. The Cribs went to my high school and college too, which is cool. I’m also listening to a lot of the UK garage revival stuff too (NUKG). Lots of Gemi, MPH, Salute - that sort of thing. Also, been vibing to Luther Vandross and John Lennon too. A bit of everything, as always." RAG: Not just for this single, but in general, what kind of things inspire you to write? “as cheesy and cliché as this sounds - just life, in general. I tend to keep my topics pretty general and safe though. I’ve had an odd past and difficult childhood I guess. I haven’t tapped into that with my writing though, maybe one day" RAG: What kind of advice might you have for other up and coming artists out there? “Throw the kitchen sink at it. Send your music everywhere, be your own hype man and trust you own ability. Always strive to improve and make your songs better though. Most importantly, do it for yourself… and don’t focus too much on success and all that shit. If you don’t get where you want to be in the end, well, at least you have some cool tunes to look back on" RAG: This was an incredibly well done single. Did it come out how you expected? Did it take long to create? "It was one of those moments, where the song just falls together perfectly. Songs that I have to force tend to suck. The stuff that falls together quickly and almost by an act of god, tend to slap harder. It’s all about getting into the flow with that moment of magic - let’s hope others like this new tune too haha" RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music? “You’re all a bunch of awesome mother fuckers, thank you for listening to my stuff, supporting me, and being yourself - you’re wicked, don’t change. This music is for you"

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