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Spotlight Interview With Pollux Kroll

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

The new EP release from Pollux Kroll is an electro-pop house record with a cross of classic EDM and a hard alternative edge.

Longing For Revenge is packed to the brim with sharp synths and and deep electro-punk attitude as the sonic soundscape of the EP cuts through almost anything.

This release has a raw energy to it that crushes and never loses it's neon lit future pop feeling as tracks even get funky and insanely danceable.

The record is comprised of 3 tracks that all have a life of their own and bring something new to the table each time. You can hear touches of Junkie XL or even yes, dare I say it, Daft Punk.

You can get down with deep grooves or head band with the harder bangers but either way there is something completely addicting about this album.

The sounds are a huge part of it's appeal. The tonality of the each synth, the character behind the vocals, the driving beats. It all makes for a great time.

We wanted to have a chat with Pollux Kroll about where this EP came from and what's next.

RAG: Okay so let's start with the Longing For Revenge EP. This record has a sharp and edgy alternative synth-pop feel to it. Where did this record come from? 

pk: So, the music comes from the very hearts and bones of our sacred lives. The lyrics – quite the opposite – come from the bones and hearts of our lives´ secrets. It´s the pink gleaming smoke rising from the doomed cities of our childhoods. Its poetry. It´s nothing really.

RAG: The synth work on the EP is so imperative to your sound. What sort of synths do you use to record your songs? 

pk: Julius Caesar was so imperative, too. As a matter of fact, most of it is a Mongolian ukulele that pk bought from a Hungarian tourist at the Oktoberfest in Munich back in 1957. We´ve stringed in the other way round and back again a few times, so it sounds a bit freaky, but

that´s ok. Then of course, there´s a twinkle of a fairy´s eye in it, you can hear it in the second verse of waters quite distinctly. The rest is, you know, just synths.

Funny enough, that Hungarian guy became a famous Hawaiian ski jumper a few months later, even without his ukulele. He´s still sending us pictures of himself together with his 4 wives, you know. Maybe we should all sell our ukuleles. Think about it for a minute.

RAG: When did this all start for you? 

pk: We were both selling bread and fried chicken in Bavaria in our younger days, believe it or not. It was about that time when one day pk whispered: “I´m longing for revenge, somehow”. He had tears in his eyes, I swear. This and his juvenile beauty really made a huge impression on some female clients watching, so he kept doing this over and over again. He´s still doing it from time to time. That whispering thing.

RAG: With such an electro-pop feel to the record we wanted to know what bands or artists really influenced you? What bands changed you? 

pk: There´s a lot of Hank Williams in it. RUN DMC, too. Also some good old sad looking Chopin, but that´s rather in the recipe than in the dish.

RAG: Did you perform live at all? Do you think you might try and perform live when the time comes? 

pk: We did a lot of gigs back in the 1930ies, playing some kick ass jazz along with Satchmo down in New Orleans. We were both really tall black basketball players at that time, real monsters, you know, and not bad at all. Today, we usually don´t do gigs. We´re still really tall, though. And still monsters, too.

RAG: What's next for you? 

pk: We are going to release a James Bond song called Vanity Heights in February 2021 –check it out if you´re tough enough to be rough.

RAG: Will you keep in this direction style wise for the next release? 

pk: We´ll keep doing pollux kroll stuff obviously. On the other hand, some of our dearest fans have been begging for a Bulgarian style ballet for the last few years. You know, that sort of thing that some species of army ants are doing before they die. Be patient guys, good thing takes time.

RAG: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music? 

pk: We usually spend days and nights playing chess or discussing politics. If not, we press hats.

RAG: What sort of non-musical things inspire you to write?

pk: Love and pain. Oh, and pk´s uncle, too. He´s the most non-musical creature you can imagine. Great hairdo, though.

Before we go, what would you like to say to fans?

pk: Stay deep, stay bold, stay tight. And fuck all those perfect people! And oh, just to let everybody know: we paid these guys $30 do feature this interview. That´s the

blunt truth.

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