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Spotlight Interview With Nate and Mary

In the latest single from Nate and Mary, the duo gets down to their roots with a real southern blues feel and and undeniably rebellious attitude.

"Reflections" is exactly what the title suggests. Looking back on the things you've lived and done and seeing the beauty of it all.

Guitars rock with style and there's plenty of classic lead solos as the song rolls on with Americana in it's veins.

Mary belts out with what sounds like an almost operatic edge and very passionately performed.

The riff is unbeatable and grabs you right from the start and your hooked.

The track is just one of three singles released throughout 2020 and each one with it's own life.

We wanted to have a talk with Nate and Mary to find out where this all started.

RAG: So let's start with "Reflections". There is some real stomping soul on this track. Where did this come from?

I wrote this song during a dark period of my life when I was an unhappy in an abusive relationship with my ex-husband. My relationship with him really reflected how I felt inside about myself too. Hence the title reflections. I was just beginning to find my strength and belief in myself. The song really came to life when my current partner in life and music Nate Coffey and I started performing it together. RAG: What bands really influenced you? Who changed you?

My major influences are Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Tori Amos, Bob Marley, and Clannad and my parents Dennis and Mary Ellen Monroe. Nate Coffey's main influences are Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clark, Jeff Beck, Bob Marley, band his father Bill Coffey. RAG: How did this all begin for you guys?

We both had professional careers as musicians from the young age of 14. I performed with my family group the Monroe's and Nate Coffey with his father Bill Coffey. 20 years ago Nate and I met at an open Jam hosted by his band The Irthings at the time at the Bug Jar in Rochester New York. We immediately hit it off and serendipitously Nate wrote a song called Mary that came to him in a dream 2 weeks before we met. At this time Nate was finishing college and I got married and had 2 beautiful children so it was not our time to be together.

Divine timing had us come together 3 years ago after breaking up with my husband. We reunited at one of his concerts I attended and he ask me up on stage to sing with him. A few months after that we began dating. About 5 months after that Nate was playing his song This Old Town and I thought it was so beautiful and I started harmonizing on it. Nate thought was moved by my singing and we started performing together. Soon after that I started performing my own songs with him too and played my harp and guitar and sang lead and back up vocals. We now have become local celebrities in New York and have started to grow a strong fan base. RAG: You're exactly the type of band we'd see play. Will you be performing live when the time comes?

Before Covid-19 hit Nate and I had many Festivals and other concerts booked that got cancelled due to the pandemic. We were blessed and grateful to be able to get booked for some outdoor shows in town and some indoor ones as incidental music over the summer and fall. Our favorite venues being The Fairport Bside, Abelines, and Murph's Irondequoit Pub in Rochester New York. Now that the number of infections are rising we don't expect to have many gigs for a while. When we have a vaccine that protects the population and the pandemic is over Nate and I plan on touring nationally and then internationally with our Nate and Mary's World Music Quartet. Tommy Gravino is our Flutist and Steve Imburgia plays World Percussion. RAG: What are you guys doing when you're Not working on music?

We spend a lot of time with our 9 cats that are mostly strays that we took in, my children Jamie and Christopher, and Nate's Mom Donna. We also make time for our friends when there are in need.

Hiking, and meditation are our both passions for Nate and I along with enjoying performances by other musicians. I also am an exercise enthusiast and enjoy running doing yoga and bodybuilding. RAG: What's next for you as a band? Anything new in the works?

We just finished recording our debut album with Nate and Mary's World Music Quartet that we are hoping to release by the end of January 2021. We are super psyched! RAG: What kind of influences do you have that are not musical?

We both love Dr. Wayne Dyer who was a spiritual guru who wrote many books and recorded many conferences with his wisdom. We truly believe in the law of attraction. You go where you focus. RAG: Before we go, is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

Thank you for all the love and support and joining us for our live shows. We would not be here without you!

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