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Spotlight Interview With Marina

A fresh release from Marina takes elements of radio-pop and R&B and blends in some passionate performances and vibrant energy and character to create something relatable and powerful.

"Sunset and Rieslings" is a power pop ballad of sorts and it comes through cinematic and whole hearted with descriptive and honest lyrics and a deepening soundscape that has it's own atmosphere.

The track has a huge sound and a major hook that gets more intense every time it comes around.

This single has a power behind it that can almost take you away with it. It makes you think of your own situations and memories start to flash in your head as the song plays on.

Root notes on deep raw piano, ambient musical swells, and gorgeous vocals all fuse and make things heavy and real.

This isn't marina's first rodeo of course. Having been releasing songs on Spotify since 2018, you can find some absolutely outstanding tracks with just a little digging, and it's all worth it.

Marina has a mature songwriting style and a youthful energy that work incredibly well together.

With such a great single release, we wanted to sit down with the artist to talk shop. Here's what happened.

RAG: Okay Marina, so let's start with "Sunsets and Rieslings". This track feels personal and the emotion drives the song into a pop powerhouse. Where did this song come from?

Marina: It is personal! Most definitely. I wrote this song about someone I dated a couple years ago that I really liked. He was one of the first guys I matched with after starting the whole online dating thing. We dated for 2 months, and then he ghosted me. After 2 months of dating and sleeping together! I was very hurt. It left quite a bitter taste in my mouth, so I wrote this song about it. He knew I loved Rieslings, so that was the wine he always brought for our dates. We watched a sunset together with a bottle of Riesling once.

RAG: I'm hearing some great styles vocally and musically here. Who are your biggest actual musical influences?

Marina: Thank you! I have so many. I love Christina Aguilera, Bebe Rexha, Fletcher, and Kim Petras. Their vocals and musical styles definitely have influenced me and my writing style. RAG: How did all of this start for you?

Marina: I started singing and writing music when in I was in high school. After that I made a demo in college, but things never really went anywhere. Eventually I tried again a few years ago, but things still weren’t where I wanted them to be production wise. Last year during the pandemic, I had a lot of time on my hands so I started writing and performing again, and a producer from Evergreen, Colorado reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in working together. I wanted to give it another go, so I said yes! We recorded and produced the song back in December, and “Sunsets and Rieslings” was born! The first time I listened to it I cried! I couldn’t believe that I’d finally found someone who brought my vision to life so well!

RAG: What's coming up next for you as an artist?

Marina: Next is recording more material! This year I’m going to record several tracks that I’ll eventually compile together in an album. I’m going to pitch some of my songs for sync placement, so that’s the next thing on the horizon.

RAG: Now that things are slowly getting better, will you be putting any focus on live performances?

Marina: I definitely want to start performing again soon. I’m shooting for the fall. I currently only have a piano player that I play with, so we’re getting other band members together. I’m hoping with a full band that I’ll be able to perform at larger venues and really bring my music to life.

RAG: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

Marina: Well, that’s a good question! I’m actually a clinical pharmacist, so that’s my 9 to 5. Besides work though, I love yoga, reading, and going out with my friends. I live in Denver so there are a lot of great restaurants, breweries, and patios to check out. I’m also a big theatre nerd, so when our performing arts center reopens, I’m hoping I can catch a good musical again.

RAG: You've been releasing music on Spotify since 2018! Any advice you'd have for up and coming artists out there?

Marina: Yes, definitely. My advice is find good people to help you! If the first person you find isn’t working, whether that’s a producer, manager, or agent, don’t give up! Find someone else that you work well with that helps you capture your vision! Also, you can’t do everything yourself, and don’t try to. You’ll end up spreading yourself too thin. Find a good team!

RAG: Who are you listening to right now?

Marina: I’m listening to this awesome duo that I just recently discovered on Instagram. They’re call YVR. I’ve been listening to their song “How Have You Been?” On repeat!

RAG: Can we expect any music videos from you soon?

Marina: I certainly hope so!! I may need to reassess my budget a bit before I do, but yes, eventually!

RAG: Okay so you wake up in the middle of the night starving. What's your go -to midnight snack? (this is a question of character)

Marina: Marcona almonds and dark chocolate!! Basically any form of chocolate and nuts is always the go-to.

RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Marina: Every song I write, including “Sunsets And Rieslings,” comes from a deep emotional place. I hope that you felt it and that I moved you somehow, because that’s always my goal. If you love the song, please share it with others! It’s tough being an independent artist, but it’s so worth it knowing that you’ve touched someone with your song.


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