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Spotlight Interview With How We Burn

How We Burn dropped a series of singles throughout 2020 and each with it's own variation of the bands progressive and powerful sound.

One of our favorites is a track called "Kings Stay Standing" which puts out a very anthemic and inspiring feel as its alternative radio rock sets the air on fire.

The song is passionately performed with soul and heart and that goes for not only vocals, but the entire band clearly giving their all on the track.

This track incorporates piano, bendy guitars, and a massive sonic tonality that washes over you and doesn't let go.

It's progression is addictive and it's energy is alluring to say the least.

The single is in some great company with the bands other singles like "Day To Day" which bends genres to their own liking and pulls it off without a hitch.

"Crooked Door" also beckons a radio rock vibe and you become entrapped by the heartfelt and stylish lyrical phrasing and overall rock sound.

We wanted to have a chat with the band to talk about some of these songs and what;s next for them. here is what happened.

RAG: Okay guys let's start with "Kings Stay Standing". This track is very anthemic and is laden with soulful vocals. Powerful track to say the least. Where did this song come from?

HWB: Kings music and hook were written in one night and took as long as the song is in duration to write it. We were able to capture that first take on a voice memo and lock it in. The rest of the vocals/lyrics came together over the following few weeks. The quickest writing experience we’ve ever been a part of hands down!

RAG: What bands or artists influenced you as a band?

We are honestly influenced by everything; from classical to hip hop to rock and everything in between. It’s tough to pin point any particular artist or band. I’d say we are just grateful for music in its entirety and leave it at that.

RAG: So how did this all start for you guys?

The guys and I have been playing together for many years. In the early 2000’s we started playing out around Boston and continued for most of the decade. Eventually we all decided to take a hiatus from music to focus on other things, but the need to create forced its way back into our mental’s and we decided to give it another go after almost 8 years away from music. This decision would prove to be one of the greatest of our lives!

RAG: Did you used to play live shows? Will you focus on that when the time comes again?

We have played many live shows in the past and will absolutely focus on getting back out there to jam with our fans once life gets back to normal. Hopefully we will connect with everyone this year!!!

RAG: What's next for you as a band?

How We Burn will continue to write and record our music with the hopes of gaining exposure and popularity to take our music career to the next level.

RAG: What does a band like you do when you're NOT working on music?

We work, lol...lots of work! When we aren’t working we are spending time with our friends and family. It’s paramount to do as life is short.

RAG: You've been releasing a good amount of material through this year especially. Any advice you'd give to other up and coming artists trying to get heard out there?

Our advice to any up and coming artists or bands is to never give up, avoid outside distraction and do what feels right!!! If it makes you feel alive attack it with everything you have!!!

RAG: Before we go, what would you say to your fans right now?

To all our supporters, we love you more then you’ll ever know!!! This is not an easy game we are playing and there have been times when we have felt like it may all fall apart and wonder why we are even doing it? And then someone will message us about how inspirational they find us, how much we’ve progressed over the last three years and what our music means to them and instantly our energy is replenished!!! If y’all don’t give up on us we will NOT give up on you! Stay safe in the new year and be beautiful to each other!!...Life is good!

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