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Spotlight Interview With Frannie-mae

A wonderfully refreshing pop EP released from Frannie-mae touches on everything from contemporary pop to R&B and plenty in-between with a fusion of soulful vocals and textured guitars that swim around you as songs play on.

The Carelessly EP is completely honest and Frannie-mae leaves herself an open book as vocals flow and are passionately performed lush with harmonies and hooks.

Each track on this record has something a bit different o offer and everything comes through with a colorful vibrancy and life that becomes quickly infectious to say the least.

Her voice is really a pinnacle of the record but the songs themselves are bright and warm and the combination of those things is very addicting.

Every song on this release is radio friendly and can be inspirational even.

The fusion of sounds makes for a vast atmosphere and the EP boasts a summer feel a lot of the time.

The songs are like watching the sunset on a warm summer day at dusk and thinking on different things in your life.

A wonderfully woven and gracefully performed record, Carelessly is an outstanding work.

With the release being so powerful we wanted to have sit down with the artist to talk about where it all came from and touch on her latest single "A Little Mad".

RAG: Okay so let's start with the Carelessly EP. This seemed very personal and crossed over pop, R&B, and even rock. Where did this EP come from?

This EP is very close to my heart, because it explores the search for acceptance, self love, anxiety, anger, and daily judgements that we all face. I wanted to find a way to relate with people through my music, and this is where ‘Look at me’ comes in. The first few lines in the chorus “I want to put you in my corner, not be your opposition getting all fired up” I want people to feel as though I am there for them through my music, and to feel less alone even if only for the duration of the song. I wanted to include songs that address hard times, but that are also fun and upbeat. I think ‘Loosen your Hold’ & ‘Carelessly’ bring that dance factor with their RnB styled beat and soulful electric guitar, whilst still providing lyrics that resonate with the listener. The EP is about releasing the hold people have over us and not letting people’s judgements and opinions rule our lives anymore. I wrote this EP on my own journey for self love & acceptance & a way to deal and process with the daily anxieties we feel, and I hope my music can support and help others whilst on their own journey.

I love so many different genres and find it very hard to stick to just one! So I choose elements I love from a lot of genres, and blend them together, mainly with the guitar riffs, beat & effects on some of my vocals. My Producer ChunkyLuv, who worked with me on this EP is especially amazing at blending genres together and making it sound seamless.

RAG: I'm certainly hearing several styles on this record. Who are some of your actual biggest musical influences?

This is a hard one, I have such a diverse taste in music that ranges throughout a lot of genres. I’d have to say my biggest music influences would consist of: Ella Mai, H.E.R, Mahalia, Benee, Meg Mac, Sasha Sloan, Ambar Lucid, John Mayer, Shania Twain, Thelma Plum, London Grammar, Oasis, The Beatles, The Cranberries & so many more amazing artists.

RAG: So how did all of this start for you?

Music is my sanity, my happy place. Song writing is my version of therapy! I’ve been singing and gigging with my brother and other session musicians since I was 16, and always wanted to eventually go solo. In 2019 I decided it was time to take the leap and give it everything I have! I actually met my Producer ChunkyLuv, from a good friend of ours & he has helped me transform my sound and encourages me to grow as an artist.

RAG: Now, you have another single out now that's super new. We had a chance to listen to that and it had one hell of a groove. How did "A Little Mad" come about?

A Little Mad came to me when I was listening to a song and felt inspired by the beat and started singing a new melody over it (which is the chorus) and I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I decided to write the rest of the song. The inspiration came from dealing with toxic people in my life & feeling exhausted, tip toeing around, going back and forth & never knowing where you stand. I was sick of it, so decided to write it out of my system as a way of moving forward.

I also really wanted to write something with a funky, contagious groove that makes you want to get up and dance. My producer on this - Jono Fernandez, did an amazing job pulling this off & even added elements of neo soul into this one. We thought it was quite ahead of its time and fell In love with it.

RAG: What's next for you as an artist?

I am actually working on some new singles as we speak & hope to keep growing as an artist and pushing my limits to see what I can create and achieve.

RAG: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

When I’m not song writing or rehearsing, I love hanging with my friends, family, going to the beach, I love a good Netflix/Disney binge session and anything outdoors! Also, anything food related!

RAG: Do you think you might be doing any live performances soon?

I hope to! Once our lock down lifts I am hoping to tee up my next release with a show! I am itching to get out and perform! My short term goal at the moment is to perform at festivals (but we can all dream right!).

RAG: Who are you listening to right now?

At the moment, I’m quite obsessed with the indie/pop scene & am loving: MAY-A, George Alice, Sycco, The Reubens, Lime Cordial, and LANY. In other genres, always loving Billie Eilish, RAYE, Tate McRae, and Arctic monkeys.

RAG: You're steadily releasing material on Spotify and it only gets better and better! What sort of advice might you have for other up and coming artists out there?

Oh thank you, that’s so kind. I think because music is constantly evolving that you need to grow with it and I try not to limit myself to one genre or put myself in one category. I want to keep experimenting with music and see what works for me and what I fall Inlove with!

My biggest advice would be never shut yourself off to the possibilities you could be capable of. By that I mean don’t limit yourself, try everything to see what you like and for me I think that’s how you better yourself as a musician by not shutting yourself off to any ideas that may be out of your comfort Zone. I find you make the most growth out of your comfort zone. I’d also say, to reach out and try work with different producers and artists, they may have incredible ideas that you never thought of, and that is so refreshing!

RAG: What sort of things really inspire you to write?

I draw from personal experience. Song writing for me really is my own version of therapy. Sometimes I’ll start writing and singing about something I had no idea I had to get off my chest & end up crying through it.. which for me is the best release and way to let go. I also draw inspiration from people close to me and their experiences; if they’re going through something hard, I’ll write about it, that’s where I got the idea for one of my previous singles “Keep it together”. When I’m happy, and outdoors is also where I find a lot of my inspiration and feel my most creative.

RAG: Before we go, what would you like to express to fans of the music?

I would like to thank you for constantly supporting me and listening to my songs and all my moods! it really is you guys who make this all possible. With every release it is so nerve wracking to put something out there that is new and different, but you all seem to love it and grow with me, and that is just the most amazing, exhilarating feeling.

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