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Spotlight Interview With cold Engines

Cold Engines returns with a full length album that crosses borders from contemporary rock to progressive and folk elements along side a cinematic noir style that gives everything a unique and theatrical feel.

The Couyon record is packed to the brim with a broad variety of instrumentation and rhythmically colorful flavors that break into piano sections that flow and bring a beautiful tonality to it all.

You can hear influences like Bowie peeking through and songs have a naturally passionate performance from all parts.

A mix of acoustic and electric guitars ring and swoon through the ether of each track and with each new track, brings a new story or chapter.

This is why if feels like a theatrical performance. There are pieces that act as interludes to the next chapter and it all feels like you're watching a play.

From Saxophone, to strings, piano, guitars, and so much more, this album has tons of gorgeous textures that go along with the songwriting styles that feel like they came from different decades.

Disco, acoustic rock, progressive and classic rock, and a flurry of other styles invade each others space and blend together with a smoothness that feels good.

Cold Engines are no strangers to dropping these massive cinematic concept records as we've had the opportunity to speak with them before with their previous release dubbed The Last Resort.

These guys release vast records and you become engulfed in them quickly.

With the Couyon album, we had to talk with them again about this one.

RAG: Okay guys let's start with the Couyon album. This record has an amazing and cinematic style to it and comes through with a touch of classic rock psychedelia!

Where did this album come from?

Cold Engines: It was an idea we came up with to explore emotional width and cinematic landscapes through songs. We wanted the record to be a rewarding journey to any dedicated listener.

RAG: This album was a bit different from the last release. What inspired this one?

Cold Engines: We truly believe in the constant renaissance of moving forward creatively. Each of our four releases this year have been wildly different. We do not pander to what anyone expects from us and that gives us the space to create what we truly want to. That to us is a total sense of freedom and with that feeling comes more inspiration.

RAG: Couyon has such a huge soundscape and incorporated some killer piano and guitar work. How do you write the songs? Is it chords first or lyrics?

It's different for how does it work for you?

Cold Engines: This record was discussed extensively with my brother and drummer Aaron Zaroulis before I wrote one note. The addition of longtime Berklee professor John Funkhouser and his beautiful piano work also took the record to great heights. As soon as Eric Reingold (bass) and Geoff Pilkington (percussion) put their magic into it we knew we had a special album. I, (David Drouin) wrote all the songs with everyone’s input in mind alone throughout the winter. The lyrics came as fast as the chords and it almost fell out of the sky and simply landed on me.

RAG: Can we expect any videos coming for any songs off Couyon?

Cold Engines: There is a video for every song on the album! They are rolling out on our socials every two days since it dropped Friday!

RAG: With things getting better out there, will you be putting any thought to live performances?

Cold Engines: We’ve been enjoying sold out outdoor performances already and adding songs from our 4 records we put out this year into the sets.

RAG: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

Cold Engines: I’m in 3 full time bands and one on a major record label so I’m pretty consumed with working on music. When I’m not, I’m teaching music or listening to music. I recently discovered Susanne Sundfor and her record “Ten Love Songs”. That record is rocking my world.

RAG: Are you working on anything new even now? I feel like you are always working on upcoming music.

Cold Engines: Yes! We have completed 2 more full length records being mixed and mastered now. It’ll be a 9 record year for me and while exhausting at times, it’s been very fulfilling. Nobody is ready what’s coming next!!!

RAG: This record at times, has an almost theatrical feel. Are you influenced by theater at all?

Cold Engines: Cinema is where my heart lives. Silvestri, Williams, Zimmer, Shore, Horner, Elfman and Menken have always been the modern romantic era composers to me. That’s my opinion of course.

RAG: You've been dropping these huge pieces of work! Any advice you'd have for other up and coming bands out there?

Cold Engines: Find your way to stay inspired and move forward with kindness and compassion. I was once told, “If you want your life to be all about music, either learn to write great songs or find someone who can to play with”. To me, it’s about the songs.

RAG: Who are you all listening to right now?

Cold Engines: Susanne Sundfor, Anais Mitchell (as always), Space Junk Is Forever, ABBA, Prince and Otis Reading have all been getting lots of listening time.

RAG: We've had the pleasure of talking with you before and had mentioned your evolution in sound. I love this direction. Will the next be a new style?

Cold Engines: Yes! By far our biggest shift ever. We are so excited about the mixes coming in and that’s all I’m allowed to say…

RAG: What IS next for you as a band?

Cold Engines: Let’s put it this way… If tomorrow I had a billion dollars all I’d want is to make the music we want to make with my friends. Since I already get to do that, I feel I know what rich already is. We will continue to make the records we want to make and be there for each other for as long as possible. Also, two more full length records this year and a bunch of killer shows!

RAG: How is your stuff recorded? Do you have a home workstation or is this done at a big studio?

Cold Engines: Both. We found our favorite studio for drums just outside Boston called Woolly Mammoth run by the legend Dave Minehan. So we cut all the drums there. Then it’s a combination of studios from Mercy Sound in Manhattan to our engineers studio in Rowley MA. Speaking of our engineer, Tim Phillips is one of our best friends and best mixing and mastering engineers I’ve ever met. He deserves all the credit. Simply one of my favorite humans!

RAG: Thanks for taking more time t talk with us! Before we go, is there anything you'd like to say to fans of the music?

Cold Engines: Stay tuned….it’s about to get real…

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