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A New Single From Sparks in the Garden

A wonderfully delivered single just dropped from Sparks in the Garden and it bears a contemporary and folk-rock approach that feels like something you can sing right along with when the hook comes in.

The track is oozing with soul, and this is something that gets you attached to it pretty fast.

The guitars also have a bit of a funk feel at certain points but the whole song has a really big radio friendly style and it's something that you want to listen to again as soon as it's over.

Quite a solid quality for single to have of course.

The song is called "Colorado" and although its coming from a particular place, you really can relate to it in your own way even if it doesn't like up exactly with the lyrics word for word.

It's about being someplace you don't want to be and missing the place you left. At least that's what we took from it and that is very relatable for plenty of people out there.

The entire performance is really well done, and you can hear how experienced these seasoned musicians are and how they know how to write a song that sticks.

There is also some other great material from Sparks in the Garden and some cool visuals which you can check out on their Facebook or Instagram.

You can also listen to the single and more on their Spotify page.

This is one you won't soon forget.

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