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Sons And Kings New Emo-Pop Single is alive and breathing

A fresh single from Sons And Kings provides us with some long overdue edgy indie-pop with some darkness attached to it and touches of emo flowing through its veins.

"Tonight" is cinematic and has a massive ambient tonality to it that speaks volumes for the band as songwriters.

The track builds into an intense guitar swell and has this alive and breathing feeling to it that creeps up and crawls under your skin in the best ways.

Distant guitars float in the songs ether and vocals are calming and with catchy melodies grab hold and keep you there with them.

The song is actually quite a big soundscape and everything sounds polished and with a certain sheen to it that feels right.

"Tonight" comes from someplace real and that also shows in the song and performances all around as the whole thing has an emotional platform it was woven from.

Upon digging deeper you'll find the band has released some awesome radio pop tracks as well that still have those ambient undertones but also have some added drive to them.

These guys have a small but excellent library of singles released since 2018 on Spotify.

Everything is well worth a playlist or two at least.

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