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Songwriter and More, Izzy Skinner Has Arrived

The latest release from Izzy Skinner has a way of crawling under your skin in the best ways possible as she brings together a series of songs that are collaborated with a few others and manages to swirl an impressive and beautiful album out of all of it.

A violinist at heart is he has grown into becoming quite the songwriter and through her experience working with musicians has developed a knack for mashing genres together.

The funny thing is this works like an absolute charm.

The new album is dubbed Mr. Wizard, and this is a record for you to get behind especially if you like rock and folk crossover styles with gorgeous and graceful layers of the violin to go along with it.

A master of the instrument, Izzy finds ways to bring in that violin and completely different ways all the time throughout the records play through.

Everything on this record is built really well and has plenty of authentic soul June across its body of work.

This is certainly a record for not only fans of music but for musicians themselves as they will quickly find something to get attached to or be impressed with.

From the songwriting and the arrangements all the way through to the performances of the instruments, this is all put together with something special.

With quite a history focusing on music throughout her school years, the artist learned a lot about music theory, music history, and performance among other things and uses them all on this album release.

To really get a grasp on what this is about I would suggest having a listen to the record itself.

This is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. Especially for people that look for music that's outside the box.

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