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Soft Spot - Hey Now

Soft Spot, a band that recently unveiled "Hey Now," introduces an explosive rock anthem. Raised on a diet of alternative, rock and shoegaze during my formative years, this track strikes a balance between nostalgia and a remarkably crafted, contemporary piece. The song kicks off with a super-fuzzy guitar strumming out chords. As the band jumps in, the listener is immediately engulfed in an eruption of sound. A moment of calm arrives as the vocalist croons, "Hey now, can’t you hear me talking to you? / Hey now, I thought I saw you this afternoon." Throughout this phase, the song maintains a fuzzy yet ethereal landscape. The track escalates in intensity when the hook emerges, delivering a captivating and infectious catchiness. The vocals, though clear, are produced in a style reminiscent of conventional shoegaze, adorned with a substantial amount of hall reverb, enhancing the dreamlike ambiance. During the chorus, the vocalist belts, "No, I don’t want anything but me." It's reminiscent of Oasis, albeit considerably heavier. The song culminates in a scorching guitar solo, concluding the piece with a fiery display. "Hey Now" stands as a remarkable composition, leaving a strong impression that leaves me eagerly anticipating an EP or album from Soft Spot in the foreseeable future. A must-listen track that showcases the band's potential.

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