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Skarlett Roxx Crushes It With "Love Machine"

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

A new release from Skarlett Roxx brings that killer metal sound back with massive guitars bending everywhere, sing along choruses, and just the right raunchiness needed for a track like this to put out the swagger you want.

"Love Machine" is a love letter to the metal we all know and love touching on bands like Motley Crue, Kiss, Poison, and plenty more.

The track belts out with crew vocals and a fists in the air attitude that all arena rock warrants.

The drums are driving and the vocals nail the aesthetic as guitars scream and take over the atmosphere.

The song feels like a live performance or at least makes you want to see these guys rock out live as it sounds like damn good fun.

That's what this song is. It's damn good fun and for anyone who loves a good old fashioned rock romp with all the grit and style you remember, Skarlett Roxx is for you.

In true classic metal style, the song is about sex and a "six foot love machine".

This track is done nearly perfectly and when it's done, you find your self singing that chorus over and over without fail.

Songs like this and bands like this are supposed to get you singing that chorus and in that vein, they really got it down.

"Love Machine" was ultra fun, and worthy of your ear holes. Just be sure and turn it way up so you can shout it out.

Skarlett Roxx should be on tour with Skid Row right now. We'd love to see these guys.

The single is below for your listening pleasure.

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