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Sight After Dark Drops An Edgy EP

A new release from Sight After Dark brings out a lush and gothic-edged industrial and rock soundscape that unravels as you listen to the record and while that happens you have layers that can be peeled back, and you end up getting these sorts of cinematic undertones fast feels throughout the records playthrough.

The Dark Days and Sucker Ways EP feels alive and breathing and I think that has a lot to do with the energy level on the record because it feels like these were actually recorded live on the floor as if everyone involved was feeding off of each other the entire time.

This is very appealing to me because as the record unfolds you get such massive beats that hit hard, you get soundscapes that sound wider and bigger you get hunting undertones and a sort of grittiness that still boasts so much lush character.

The instrumentation across this record is outstanding and you have everything from guitars, live drums, beats, piano, since, and plenty more but the thing about this record is that persona and it is that character because that's what you get attached to so quickly.

This record packs a few punches and they all come in the form of surprises around some of the corners of this record and as these things happen you get a little taken back by the diversity of the songwriting approaches throughout the record.

Tracks can go from a fists-in-the-air, attitude-riddled edgy rock banger to an acoustic and vast ballad-esque style song that has a completely different feel than the previous track but there's always this sort of glue that holds everything together.

These tracks definitely can have a little bit of a haunting feeling to them, and they also sort of connect in different ways making the record seem almost like a concept album of sorts.

I love this aspect as well because the songs end up telling stories and by the end of it you have an explanation because the last track on the record is a conversation with the artists behind Sight After Dark.

This is something you don't normally hear, and I enjoyed this because they tell you about how it came together in terms of going through the pandemic, writing these songs, and everything else in between.

I love getting a little bit of insight into how the record was made and how a group is formed because you don't normally get to hear just spoken words about that and so it makes everything so much more real and tangible and a strange way.

You feel a lot closer to these people as a group and as people in general.

I thought this was a genius idea and it honestly explains a lot in terms of what it was like to go through a lockdown in a pandemic as a band and what kind of effect that had on the kinds of people and the kinds of artists that couldn't stop creating throughout that time.

This EP was slightly envelope-pushing to me because it was just made and built, created and released with fewer boundaries then it's predecessors.

This was fun, colorful, edgy, cinematic, vast, beautifully performed, and insightful which is such a wondrous combination for an EP release.

I would check this one out when I get a chance, I'm going to give it an 8 out of 10 without question.

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