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Shannon Vetter Releases a Wonderfully Warm Record

A beautifully performed new album from Shannon Vetter comes through with a wonderful persona that shines in the form of folk and classic rock songwriting styles, and it all comes together with such a genuine and authentic feel that it's almost as if you've been listening to some of these songs on the radio for years now.

The Holding Pattern album certainly accounts for some personal chapters in the artist's life and the whole thing has a wonderful way of connecting from song to song so listening to the full album is the way you get the entire picture.

The songs are honest and lush with instrumentation from pianos to acoustic guitar, electric guitar and so much more just wrangled up into one massive record that feels like a live performance if you listen to the whole thing through.

This is indeed one of those albums that you want to listen to the whole way so that you get the full spectrum of what it has to offer in terms of the songwriting, the stories, the character, and everything else.

Don't get me wrong, there are few tracks here that are wonderful as singles, but Shannon released this album for a purpose and a lot of the songs have meaning to them and stories to be told so I would suggest going through it from start to finish so that you can listen to it the way it was meant to be soaked in.

There are more than a few tracks on this release that feel like live performances as I mentioned earlier, and this is partially because of the energy that's given off across the whole thing and it just adds and builds on that persona that Shannon packs into this album.

One of my favorite aspects about this whole record is the fact that it blends all these genres on one release so you have that you have this contemporary and classic rock approach, you also have country in Americana in this record as well and that's something that shows such a level of musicianship and all these different influences that the artist has and fed off of to put this record out.

The best thing about that is the sheer fact that each genre he dips into is aesthetically perfected and sounds like that's his main genre.

Some of these tracks have a great sort of pop overtone at times but I think that's just because certain parts of the record are very catchy and stick with you for a very long time after the songs have ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to it again.

This could be boiled down to smart songwriting, but I think that Shannon just does this naturally in his process.

Again, these tracks have meaning and some of them can even cause memories of your own to pop into your head at times which is kind of a great connection to make when listening to a new artist.

It gives them a sense of realness and you remember that these are just people also except they're able to sort of articulate their thoughts and feelings better than most of us.

This whole album was wonderfully put together and has a way of making sense and being incredibly relatable more than half of the time, so you end up really getting a lot out of it especially if you're a fan of Americana country folk country folk rock country or anything that makes you think or feel musically.

Check this record out in full if you can because that's how it was meant to be listened to and see how it affects you.

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