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Shab showcases a killer pop single and video

The latest from Shab take the form of an edgy and sultry pop single that comes through with a killer vibrancy and brightness that lets the artist do her thing with no boundaries in sight.

"Criss Cross" has tons of color and gusto, the song itself has this great radio style heavy pop vibe to it and Shab does a great job laying out the hooks. And there are plenty of hooks here.

You can hear slight throwback sounds at times, but the song really has a fresh feel and the artist's energy is sexual and fierce while still giving such a solid look into the storyline of the song.

This was really quite an impressive track and it packs a real punch as the beats hit hard, the vocals are absolutely perfect for the music, and it all feels like a track you'd hear on the radio or in the club in the past few years.

Best of all is Shab herself has that attitude and that undeniable appeal that you can't stop hearing or watching.

This single has a great video, and it also shows all the color the song does and it's a killer way to check this song out for the first time.

The song is a pop powerhouse for sure and there's no stopping Shab as she paves her way through the pop arena her own way and "Criss Cross" is certainly no exception.

Shab is set to explode, and we suggest you start paying attention.




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