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Shab Gives Us A Calming And Uplifting Dance Pop Single

A new single from Shab certainly gives off a positive sound and a peaceful dance tonality with a smooth and beautifully woven sound built from a steady dance beat and synth pads that flow as kyes drip in behind soothing and silky vocals.

"Serenity" is a perfect name for this track as it does give that calming and happy feeling. Like everything's going to be okay. It has that little bit of an uplifting approach and it's wonderfully performed with just the right energy the entire time.

This track has that cinematic style, and you get caught in that chorus quickly indeed as you find yourself singing "find my serenity" along with Shab herself.

This does have that constant hook vibe going and all the melodies vocally are addictive and catchy to the point where it sticks in your head for days after you listen.

it also has that familiar feeling as well. Like you've heard this before somewhere.

This is a new release from Shab and if you like it, you just might like a lot of her stuff and should probably dive into her back catalogue of singles, remixes and Ep's you can find on her Spotify alone.

There is some incredible variety and refreshing songs all over her releases and more than a few gems you will end up getting hooked on and adding to your playlists for sure.

Start things off with "Serenity" and go back from there and you'll have enough to jam out to all day long at least.

We hope for more from Shab in the coming months and won't be surprised when we get attached to whatever it is.

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