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Sean Hobbes Just Released A Smooth and jazz style indie-pop single

A new single from Sean Hobbes oozes indie swagger with R&B undertones and a damn smooth jazz feel that feels warm and full.

"Lonely In The Summertime" is a gorgeous track that boasts a metric ton of soul to go along with a full back line of horns, piano, and a deep groove performed with passion and heart.

The single shines with presence and character as the band belts out as loud as the vocals and with just as much gusto as well.

The track is incredibly full and really has a great drive behind it as everything falls together so well.

The release feels almost like a live performance as the instruments and players feed off of each other's energies constantly and all with Hobbes at the helm laying down his smoothness with a youthful punch.

The whole thing actually has this youthful punch to it but with a certain maturity in songwriting.

The music video that accompanies the single is super fun and portrays more of the bands shine as musicians and it comes through as colorful as the song does.

Upon some further digging you'll find Hobbes has released a number of killer tracks starting in 2017 and it's all on Spotify. The best part is it all has something refreshing to offer.

Sean Hobbes is a great songwriter and performer and knows how to put it all into his music.

We suggest starting off with "Lonely In The Summertime" and going back through his library of releases from there. You won't soon be disappointed.

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