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A Classic single Release From Sean Carson

A single release from Sean Carson delivers a classic country soul with a cinematic backbone and a heartfelt overtone that has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

"Second Time Around" comes through with such lush and beautiful instrumentation throughout the track and these are the kind of things that make a song feel so big and produced so well because you have these different textures and tones that come together to drive that emotion even further and to make the song filled with certain levels of intensity as well.

There's a lot about this truck that feels absolutely classic like you've been listening to it on country stations for years now and I think that has a lot to do with the aesthetic of the song being influenced by those actual classic country artists but also bringing it into a little bit of a fresher playing field as well.

You really get a feel for Sean as an artist and as a person throughout this song and he was able to take all his different country influences and roll them into this refreshing soundscape but still have a feel so familiar and warm that you feel like you've heard it before.

Sean has all the makings of any major country artists for sure and it has a lot to do with the character and how he performs the songs because that's what people fall into.

You have to have a persona and a character especially in country music and Sean pulled this off without a hitch.

Having said all that, you can also tell the song comes from someplace real and he was able to take his pain and put it into music which I think all good artists have the ability to do.

Being able to take that emotional drive and create a song with it because it's the only way you can get it off your chest is quite a wonderful thing and for the listener, it's very relatable and understandable.

I think all these aspects are incredibly important when finding a new artist in the genre of country, singer-songwriter, or folk.

You have to have some level of authenticity to make the songs really genuine and Sean does have that along with a certain charm that is added to a wonderfully polished production.

Perhaps the song was cathartic for him.

Can't be sure, but it certainly feels that way.

What's more is, the energy levels throughout the song are very balanced and it lets the song swell and sway with intensity and impact which is perfect for a song like this.

I love hearing a real-deal country single that hits those sorts of sweet spots for me.

This was a brilliantly arranged and written single and performed with a heart.

I would easily give this a 9 out of 10.

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