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A Fresh Pop Banger From Salt Ashes

A real deal pop banger released from Salt Ashes is a bright and colorful single that feels edgy and danceable as synths crank, beats build, and vocals are melodically driven and passionately performed.

"Didn't See it Coming" is an absolute powerhouse and the bassline alone is enough to get you moving. The whole song is enough to get your blood pumping as it has tons of killer hooks, a youthful presence and some serious disco breakdowns that feature crazy production that really steps it up a few notches.

The way the track is arranged is ridiculous and how it takes you by surprise more than a few times throughout its course is also just amazing.

You get plenty of different digital synth and keys that fly around the song and make it so alive and breathing that you don't know exactly what to expect next, but you know it'll be good.

And it sure as hell is.

The single hits it with heart and a rainbow of textures both harder and softer that combine to balance the songs different sections out well.

It's a well-proportioned track and the balance of it all is outstanding to say the least.

I'm talking about the vocals as well which can get louder at certain point but for the most part give off that softer and more melodic layer atop everything else that's happening.

This is a dance floor single. You have to get up and get moving to this one. If you don't then something just might be wrong with you.

So, get your butt moving with the fun and edgy pop of Salt Ashes.

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