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Ryan RIchmond creates A World his Own with his album release

A full album release from Ryan Richmond brings a colorful and fuzztone spread of rock styles into one massive garage laden good time.

The self titled album plays out almost like a concept album as songs slam and crash and then submit into beautifully woven singer-songwriter pieces that feel cinematic, and back to heavier blistering riffs and in your face distortion tonality.

It's quite the musical journey to say the least and it all showcases a young performer and songwriter that is having a damn good time letting it all out however he feels like it.

This is part of what makes the record so addicting. It's freeing. There are little to no boundaries or walls built up or set. You really aren't sure what to expect next and that feels good.

Songs reach instrumentally peaceful points and feel like great days with the warmth of the sun hitting your face while others feel like rock n roll acid trips and somehow it all goes together so well its almost intimidating.

One thing is for sure, you really have to soak this record in. It should be listened to in full from start to finish to grasp the full range of what it is.

The guitar work is awesome and always played with a passion and love for the craft.

Richmond does indeed love this whole thing. Playing, writing, and recording. This is clear when you listen.

You almost just want to be in his musical world for while just to feel what its like.

This was a great record and we hope to hear more from Ryan Richmond.

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