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Rootiger Releases A 90's Alt Single

The latest single release from Rootiger is a progressive and indie rock single that touches on these elements of underground rock of the 90s that you'd have to sort of hunt down on LimeWire to find and this is mostly due to the soundscape and vocals of the track being of this classic style.

Growing up I loved listening to bands like Far, Chore, Hum, Pavement, along with a lot of the stuff that was playing on the radio at the time and this song has some of those key attributes that those did so for me it actually felt sort of nostalgic.

If you don't know any of the bands I mentioned above then please do check them out and when you do, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about when I mention how this single breeds some of those soundscapes.

"Kennedy Kids" has parts of it that service sort of a slow burn where it's just guitars and vocals for a minute and you're meant to be paying attention to the lyrics which you end up doing of course.

What's cool is how it builds into that chorus and how addictive that chorus actually ends up.

A lot of the lyrical content of this track is very descriptive and so sometimes you can almost picture certain things in your head as you're listening to the track which I really enjoyed because it's something that you don't get often so when you do get it it feels very refreshing.

There is a lot of attention to detail in terms of the arrangement of this song but there's also a certain looseness to it that gives it part of its aesthetic and that really works quite well because that whole aesthetic is actually nailed.

In a weird way, this feels kind of cinematic.

What I mean is, you could definitely hear the song in the scene of a film or show for example.

One of my favorite things about this whole project is that it's all written performed and recorded by one person and so when you learn of that fact, you kind of wonder how it's done.

I've always been curious about solo artists who do these full-band tracks with drums, guitars, bass, and everything included.

It really is quite something thinking about what instrument comes first, was it built from guitar chords or vocal melodies, and a slew of other questions that I myself come up with in my head upon finding out that this track, that feels like it's a full band performance, was written and performed by one person.

The biggest thing about that for me, is the energy that's actually displayed on the track itself because part of it actually has a sort of live on the floor recording feel to it.

Almost like there are different players for each instrument and each one is feeding off of each other's energy the entire time.

So, for one person to be able to capture that energy is really impressive.

This was an excellent track, and I would definitely keep my eye out to see what's coming next from Rootiger and definitely hoping that it's more of this awesome progressive, classic alt-rock that I'm hearing on this song.

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