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Rob Carey – “Ionian Blue” and “La Skies”

Rob Carey is a singer/songwriter from East Anglia, UK, who has a vast back catalogue to his name that includes hundreds of original songs written in all sorts of genres of music. Carey as a mental health nurse and counsellor believes in the therapeutic healing powers of music and uses his experiences as a health care professional in his own songwriting and productions. The sheer gusto and enthusiasm Carey throws into his recordings is very admirable as he belts out the lyrics with feeling and verve and the energy of these tracks will have you reeling. Today, we’ll be reviewing two new singles from Carey: “Ionian Blue” and “La Skies.” First off, on “Ionian Blue,” some synths come into this recording. Next, Carey’s compelling vocals race in. I was getting some Beatles vibes here. The beats were marching and offered a nice buffer to the sounds. The music crescendos many times to great effect. Carey’s vocals are kinda off-key, but I think this just adds to the overall charm of the track. The music sounds very DIY and there’s a rather raw factor to the sounds, which added to the overall authenticity of the song. Carey really seems to throw everything he has into his music as he belts out the lyrics with gusto. I appreciated his enthusiasm throughout. On the second single, “La Skies,” some sparse electric guitar riffs come into the recording. Next, some acoustic guitar enters the sounds. Gradually, some beats arrive. Carey sings with mood and feeling on this track. I thought the music really came together to great effect. Carey has really got something here. Though a little raw at moments, he shows us the power of music with his captivating vocals and dynamic music. I liked how into the music he seemed to be, which rubbed off me in a good way. The singles were a good intro to his sound, and if this got you interested in exploring his back catalogue, then that’s a good thing too, since he has hundreds of songs that are just waiting for you!

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