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It is clear from a quick gander at RiTcH’s online profiles that, although RiTcH is serious about music, he isn’t serious about himself. His social media handles go under the moniker ‘sonofaritch’ (son of a RiTcH) where the play on words aligns perfectly with his personality (and is also genealogically correct, given that his father’s name is also Rich). Lurk deeper down his Spotify profile and you’ll find not only general photos but self-made comic strips with “fruit” in the leading rolls! All adding to RiTcH’s fun and lust for interesting viewing; wherever in his world you happen to pull up a chair. Inspired at age four, after his Grandad bought him a Justin Timberlake DVD, the naturally charismatic RiTcH would eventually embark upon a journey devoted to artistic discovery. Noting Frank Ocean, David Bowie and Tyler, the Creator as lasting influences, the experimentation and creative spark of alternative pop music shines throughout RiTcH’s growing repertoire. Born and raised in Warrington to child minder Christine & and lorry driver Richard, Richard Patrick Scholes - RiTcH - first took to the stage in year six of school; energetically dancing to ‘Billie Jean’ in a talent show. Other performances followed and at 13 he’d teach himself guitar to then hit the stage as singer and musician. RiTcH’s peers enjoyed making fun of his attempts on the stage, but at 15, a guitar-led rendition of Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’ was quick to silence their taunts and gain respect. The Frank Ocean cover was uploaded to YouTube, quickly attracting over 60,000 views, and drawing the attention of record label Global (home to radio stations Capital, Heart, Smooth and many more) – who swiftly gave RiTcH a “movie script” moment to either stay at college or leave and sign a record deal as part of a new band. Of course, he chose the band. Over the next couple of years, they played a multitude of venues, from small clubs to arenas – instilling in RiTcH his devout love for live performance. Unfortunately, the band’s journey was relatively short lived, after the record label folded and, along with its roster, ceased to exist. Although still the closest of friends to this day, the band ultimately went their separate ways. All was not wasted for RiTcH, as the band gave him a fast-track in experiences and introductions to a plethora of creative souls along the way - one of whom was Lee McCutcheon - a multi grammy nominated producer and songwriter, who also frequents artist development and creative direction. RiTcH approached McCutcheon with the idea of being a solo artist. The partnership made total sense and the two artistic minds set out on an ambitious mission to have fun and push the boundaries of creativity. So ensued the life of the independent artist – Work ethic, talent and passion paving the way. Local pub gigs became normality, his father even driving him to some further afield venues when opportunities arose. Long nights, sleeping on couches and scraping to get by; all part of the process for a performer with boundless optimism and an unwavering drive to succeed. RiTcH worked an assortment of jobs both day and night to earn a little cash, from bartender to car- parts dealer, receptionist to marketing apprentice. Throughout each of these roles still quietly stealing time to listen to beats and obsess over new music ideas. Intent on exploring the unexplored, crafting catchy hooks and hypnotic melodies in unison with deeply introspective lyrics, RiTcH delivers a sound that’s unrivalled in its fusion of emotion and confidence. Aligning thoughtful stories with unpredictable soundscapes, RiTcH hits the scene with a fresh twist of identity. Keeping things interesting is key, the freedom to express without fear means the ability to connect in a uniquely honest fashion. As such, RiTcH encapsulates both realism and imagination with his music. Now boasting over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify alone, RiTcH’s first single ‘replace you’ showcased the versatility of RiTcH in under three minutes. Smooth vocals of character and soul elevated a colourful soundscape and an honest, relatable, and heartfelt story. Weave in long-form lyrical expressions and a music video seeing RiTcH hanging out with mannequins and it’s clear to see his love for the process. The song was quick to leave its mark. Later on, the bass-led groove and nostalgic yet catchy essence of ‘Godsend’ made a sublime follow-up. After turning his garage into a music and creative room – complete with green screen and a lighting rig - RiTcH set about learning how to create stop-motion animation for the ‘Godsend’ video; designing, drawing characters, shooting and editing the video himself. Self-defined as ‘Pop but not’, RiTcH makes music for the masses – real songwriting with compelling melodies and genuine topics, amidst an unparalleled sense of identity and presence on stage.

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