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An Intense Single Release From Rhiannon Scutt

A lush and beautifully performed single release from Rhiannon Scutt manages to deliver this outstanding and ever-intensifying soundscape that has a way of engulfing you and then letting you get washed away with it all in the end.

"Slow Drift" has a wonderfully cinematic element to it and a ton of character that really grabs at you and then wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

You quickly find yourself getting attached to the emotional drive that the song brings out and as that happens the song grows and grows until it hits this climactic pinpoint, and it feels musically like everything is vast and huge but emotionally like things are falling apart.

It's such a brilliant balance of dynamics and taking that emotion and being able to recreate it so that it feels like it's happening right then and there, and you can feel this in your bones.

This was almost like washing a really intense scene in a movie and you can feel the hairs on your arm stand up a little bit.

The vocals flow and continue on in colorful harmony, but the track also has a heavier rock element to it that helps it explode when it needs to, and this gives it as much edge as it does color.

I think that this was something that was maybe even cathartic for Rhiannon because you get the feeling of this being very personal and sometimes songs like that have a purpose for the artist.

This definitely came from someplace very real and that makes the song authentic and genuine along with its bursting persona.

The performance of all the elements in this track is very graceful in their own way and this is something that gives the song the feeling of being alive and breathing which is definitely not something you come across often these days so when I heard this it was just incredibly refreshing for me.

This was a wonderfully woven single that clearly was created by someone who has an absolute love for their craft and that's something that you can hear in the music itself.

This is for people that want to hear something they can feel or that makes them think because that's what this song does.

Definitely check this out when you get a chance and do it with headphones on and no interruptions because it's the best way to go.

We're definitely very excited about anything else Rhiannon releases and this is an artist you should be keeping an eye on.

But don't just take it from me, listen to the song.

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