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Refreshing And Genuine Songs From Greenvale Manitou

One of the newer releases from Greenvale Manitou has a particular way of bringing out a very alive and breathing approach to a funk and jazz undertoned songwriting style and it's all done with such a colorful set of instrumentation that you get caught up in it straight away.

"Queen of All the Animals" features everything from horns to guitars that set the tone and give quite a well-rounded groove but it's the soul and character that you get attached to.

The song is not only refreshing and very giving in terms of music you can move to and that sinks into your bones but it's also part of an EP release called Born of The Same which features three tracks each taking you to a different place.

"The EP is first and foremost a collaboration between two creatives possessed with the same drive. That's the logic behind the EP's title and the eponymous single. I very much wanted a collab for my first release! A fusion between two people who grew up in different cultures (I am a French Breton and Jeenti is Indian Assamese) where one can still find many sonic connections and resemblances. We had fun fusing peculiar elements of each other's cultures, songwriting, recording and mixing approaches.

Each song incorporates both acoustic and electric instruments, electronic beats and samples. As an artist, I find it absolutely crazy how hard it is for people to even dare escape the current urge to fit things in genres and categories, you know?" - Cedric Briand (songwriter and performer for Greenvale Manitou) 

Checking out the rest of the catalog from the project is highly recommended as well especially since there are several other releases well worth listening to including a spirited single called "Santa Closet" among others.

Check out this release and more from the project on Spotify and connect with them on Instagram or Facebook

You Can also connect on the Website.

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