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Ranch Hands - Figure This Out

The EP Figure This Out by Ranch Hands masterfully captures emotions, resonating with the listener's innermost sentiments. It's an ideal companion for a somber, rainy afternoon, effortlessly blending piano, guitar and violin in a delicate interplay. "Arbor Court" sets the tone, where the violin's plaintive notes intertwine seamlessly with other instruments, forming an indispensable part of the track's fabric. The vocals and lyrics exude a natural, relaxed aura, weaving a compelling narrative.

One standout track “Dogdogdogdogdog” seems to echo a heartfelt tribute to the indelible bond shared with a cherished canine companion, portraying the deep familial connection forged with these beloved pets. The song's craftsmanship is evident, aligning its tone perfectly with the heartfelt sentiment, creating an endearing piece that celebrates the unwavering support and love offered by a furry friend. "Sour Candy" bears resemblances to Andrew Bird's style, not only in its violin motifs but also in the vocalist's echoes of Bird's tone.

The track also showcases innovative production, particularly in its intricate drum arrangements. Conversely, "Big House" exudes a hint of '70s inspiration, blending balladic elements with infectious hooks, potentially making it the EP's most memorable track. Yet, despite the EP's brilliance, its brevity remains a minor drawback. Spanning a mere thirteen minutes, these captivating compositions leave the listener longing for more, a testament to their undeniable quality and allure. Ranch Hands' Figure This Out showcases exceptional craftsmanship and musical finesse, leaving audiences yearning for an extended exploration of their musical prowess.


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