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Railing drops a killer album

The latest album release from Railing gives off a classic riot rock soundscape with a gritty and upfront attitude that latches on to you and doesn't let go.

The record boasts some invasive riffs and fuzz-toned guitars as the songs give off these post-punk, grunge, and alt approaches that at times blends into this gypsy surf rock but no matter what the genre they are, it's the character that you end up falling for right off the bat.

This release has heaps of energy and it's so intense at times that it feels like the tracks may have been recorded live on the floor to start with at least because it's like the players are feeding off of each other the entire time and this is what gives it that live energy.

Even if they didn't, listening to this record makes you want nothing more than to go see this band live in your face just because if the energy is like that on the record, then in a live setting it's got to be nuts.

The record is called Stay Mad Forever and believe me, there are some surprises around the corners of this record and some layers to be peeled back but all in all, this is a face-melter from beginning to end and it feels awesome to turn it loud.

That's not something that I say often by the way.

A lot of times you hear a record, and you know if you turn it too loud it's going to sound terrible but with this one the latter it goes the more intense it is and the more you just want to shout along with it.

There are definitely some experimental and even progressive aspects to the record of times especially guitar-wise and the riffs throughout this record also serve as sort of hooks and having such intense musical hooks on a record is something that I've actually kind of missed for quite some time.

This whole release is an absolute banger and if you're like me, I would strongly suggest popping this on first thing in the morning because it's going to get your blood pumping and it's going to put you in the right spot mentally.

This is exactly what it accomplished for me.

I'm just bad shows so much character that you just can't turn away from it and when you have a band it was such a heavy hand up persona like that it becomes very memorable.

Now I will give you this, I am a fan of some of the classics like L7, Bikini Kill, you know bands like that so for me Railing fit right in and I really haven't heard a band fit into this category in years.

This album tore it up and I would easily give it a 9 out of 10, especially in terms of that classic riot rock and grunge approach.

There are some songs that stand out that singles for sure, but I would suggest listening to the album as a whole as I think that was what it was meant for.

Dive into this one when you can and rock out hard with Railing.

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