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Rachel Curtis Sends You Off Into A Pop Dream With "Strobe Lights"

Rachel Curtis just gave us a beautiful pop song built off emotion and with colorful hooks both musically and vocally along with a cinematic tone and drive.

"Strobe Lights" has a sort of 90's beat to it that gives it an old school undertone along with its current pop feel and vibrant production that features some dreamy elements that keep you floating along in the songs ether.

The song can make you think and even remember things you may have forgotten or pushed aside.

This single has a way of really surrounding the space around you and creating an atmosphere that is its own.

Curtis has a passionate and sultry voice and her vibrato is a wonderful staple of her music as a whole.

"Strobe Lights" is like being in a waking dream that you want to get right back to once you open your eyes.

The combination of old and new school sounds is brilliant and the way the track builds into its vibe and fades out again at the end works very well.

The accompanying video for the single is just as enticing as you follow Curtis through what also feels like a dream. But her dream.

We've attached that below so you can see for yourself but either way, Rachel Curtis has been releasing outstanding music since 2018 and you should dig into pretty much all of it starting with "Strobe Lights".

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