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One Hundred Paces Warms You Up with "Between The Echoes" album

The latest from One Hundred Paces is a full length album with an anthemic take on radio rock crossed with 90's underground rock fused together with an emotional tonality that takes over the whole record.

The Between The Echoes album is packed with uplifting choruses, and scattered gloom all woven together with distant guitar hooks and a huge sonic sound.

At times, they bring to mind acts like Band Of Horses and even Jars Of Clay calling back some old-school styles to cement their staple feel. It works all too well.

There are just as many musical hooks as their are catchy choruses on this record and it really has it's own energy.

There are so many addictive melodies and a feel that surrounds you so often that you end up getting sort of engulfed by the album as a whole.

Songs boast a path of honesty in their words and the record ends up seeming like a concept album when its said and done.

It's not hard to get washed away with this record. Hell after a few songs it's already happened. You don't realize it until it's ended. But it happened.

Very relatable tracks and there is a softness that puts you at ease most of the time.

Between The Echoes has something for anyone that loves meaningful music that resonates and holds its own.

Check this record out, we're sure you will find more that a few songs for your playlists.

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