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Olivia Lynn Releases A Pop Rock Single

A new single from Olivia Lynn hits pretty hard right from the get-go with a strong alt-rock edge that feels like a personal story told with just the right touch of aggression and loads of character coupled with a fast undertone and some massive guitars.

"I Saw Red" is absolutely honest and by halfway through the song you really get to understand how relatable this track really is as it rocks out with a major pop sensibility.

The single definitely showcases some youthful energy and a really close-fisted approach to performances especially vocally because she's just able to fit in so much in one breath that it's incredible.

You absolutely know that this comes from a real experience because of how passionate she is and that performance and it's just that attitude and swagger that she's got throughout the song that gets you so addicted to it.

The song is incredibly catchy but it's really her herself that you get the attachment to and that character that she portrays along with the way that she does her thing.

All of this rolled up into one becomes something that you want to hear more of because it makes you curious as to where this came from and what she's doing next or what she did previously.

This release is definitely a blast and one of the best introductions to Olivia Lynn that you can get.

The artist does, however, have releases throughout 2022 that are all a little bit unique in their own right, but all show her character almost just as much as this single does so check those out too if you like this one.

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