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North of Tomorrow - Clear as Can Be

North of Tomorrow is a band from Phoenix, Arizona that at the tail end of last year released Clear as Can Be. The band has a very unique sound I often thought sounded like a more contemporary Peter Gabriel with a more prog rock and experimental approach to their music.

What sets North of Tomorrow apart is their adept navigation of the emotional spectrum, transcending typical patterns. They delicately tread the line between darkness and light, a nuanced exploration that resonates with the intricacies of the human condition. This duality is palpable from the outset, notably in the opening track "Late Again," where the hook subtly elevates the mood, creating an engaging sonic experience.

The band's genre-bending prowess comes to the forefront in tracks like "The Pretenders Ball," offering a blend that could be likened to UB40 on a psychedelic journey. Meanwhile, "Catbird Seat" introduces an almost new-age vibe, elevated by experimental elements that add depth and intrigue to the composition. Certain tracks possess an instant magnetic quality, exemplified by "It's Always Something." This unapologetically joyful song takes unexpected turns, mirroring the unpredictable twists of a day that starts smoothly but encounters unforeseen challenges.

"Kentucky Burden" stands out as a noteworthy track, earning the band well-deserved applause. Balancing on the edge of busyness, the song showcases brilliant songwriting by maintaining a delicate equilibrium. While many bands claim to be genre-less, North of Tomorrow authentically embodies this ethos. Their music transcends traditional genre boundaries, offering an amalgamation of rock sub-genres that defy easy classification. Clear As Can Be is heck of a ride.

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