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Niffer and Connor Edwards Release a Remix Single

A single release from Connor Edwards remixed by Niffer comes through as a character-riddled and honest pop banger that boasts as much color as it does honesty and the combination of bright synthesized tonality blends amazingly with smooth and vulnerable vocals.

"Breathe- Niffer Remix" brings together the best of two different worlds taking a passionate and cinematic vocal approach and progression wow bringing it into a sonically driving and neon-lit pop platform and it works so well that it all comes together seamlessly.

This track does an amazing job of grabbing your attention and wrapping itself around you to keep you just where it wants to and then in the end you end up getting washed away with the soundscape of it all.

There's something that's kind of beautiful about the whole thing and it comes through with a graceful touch and tonality as the sense and keys along with the beats and muscle of the song, still have this smoothness to them that help everything feel flowing and it makes the song feel good to listen to.

You can clearly tell that this track came from someplace real and genuine which makes everything incredibly authentic and also gives a song that added persona that I mentioned earlier and the remix does an amazing job of keeping those elements in place while giving it a new spin.

Good remixes are hard to find so they say.

This is one of the better ones I've heard in quite some time and it lends itself to that cinematic indie-pop vibe very well to the point where you can see this in certain kinds of films or even TV shows.

I love that slight edginess that the truck provides because it complements the colors and the vibrancy along with the lyrics which is important because the song has meaning.

This track was written for someone and about someone and to take that aspect and bring it into this bright and sonic pop realm is really daring because it's hard to do that right but in this case, not only is it done right but it's enticing and alluring and gives everything this extra shine and polish.

It doesn't leave anything behind either which is also incredibly important.

The meaning and purpose of the song are still right there in your face and you still feel the same way when you listen to it but you have this great danceable intensity that comes along with it and I think again, those two things also complement each other.

This was a really well-woven and built single that showcases the ability to create and produce music with fewer boundaries than those that came before.

This is a very well-thought-out track, especially on the production side and there was a lot of attention to detail throughout his course but during all that, you never lose that purpose or that heart.

There's a lot to love about this single and I think it speaks volumes for a youth of songwriters that are creating music in a more freeing fashion and doing things the way they want to without thinking of any sort of guidelines that they need to be following.

This to me is smart and shows a great evolution in songwriting for young artists and producers who are paving their own way in the pop arena.

You can tell that all parts of this song come from people who have a pure love for their craft and write music because it feels good. Because it makes them feel something.

Definitely check this track out as soon as you get a chance and turn it up.

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