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Nick Isham Drops A Passionate Pop Single

A new single from Nick Isham is a passionate and emotionally driving R&B and pop cross over that builds into a cinematic and deepening song that can pull at the heartstrings when you least expect it.

"Lost Without You" is a brutally honest track and has that swelling style that lets the song feel alive and breathing throughout its course.

The choruses are hook riddled and you'll likely be singing that hook for days after you first hear the track.

There is a rap section the song builds into that is also super up front with honesty and the struggle that this relationship went through.

But this is part of what makes the song so damn relatable.

It's actually quite refreshing and still has that radio pop undertone that you would expect from a vibrant and genuine single.

The track is part of a series of tracks form Isham that will be featured on a show called The Cleaning Lady on Hulu and other streaming outlets.

So the whole cinematic thing is pretty spot on when it comes down to it.

It's pretty easy to let this track just engulf you and it is nice to let it do just that.

let is wash you away with it as it was meant to do.

It's quite a beautiful thing.

The release was built and woven with attention to detail and intricacy along with a flavor for writing good hooks and it all comes together with a shine.

Listen for yourself.

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