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A Fresh Dance-Pop Single From Natalia Mae

A new single release from Natalia Mae delivers a fresh and vibrant dance-pop soundscape along with a lot of character and some great honesty that comes through as relatable and even empowering at times.

"Find Love Again" is bright and lets Natalia really shine especially in terms of her presence as an artist as her vocals come through naturally and with a wonderful youthful vigor.

This track is incredibly danceable, addictive, and serves up a really heavy groove that becomes quickly infectious.

The single comes through with a colorful vibrancy that has this particular way of pulling you right in and one of my favorite aspects about it is that you simply can't sit still when listening to it.

Even if you're driving in a car your butt is going to start shaking in that seat and you will start grooving.

I love songs that stop you from what you're doing and make you start moving like this one does.

But I also enjoy the fact that it's honest and came from someplace real which makes everything more authentic and speaks volumes for her persona on the track.

I also think that this track took some elements of classic dance and blended it in with a little bit of a new school approach which is a great combination because it has a little bit of maturity in the songwriting and arrangement along with that youthful undertone vocally.

Upon listening to this track I took a little bit of a deep dive into some of the other tracks released previously and upon doing so I found some other singles that really do an amazing job of showing her evolution as an artist.

Each track delivers a little bit of a different side to her personality and to her songwriting and the performances are all spot on but the character changes a little bit from song to song which is something that's quite beautiful if you think about it.

She writes in such a smart manner and some of these songs delve into more R&B Styles vocally and musically so you get a great array of lush singles that all are a little different but still have her stable feel in there.

You can tell that Natalia Mae is someone who's been paving her own path in the pop world and doing it her way.

This is the kind of artist that I'm going to keep an eye on from here on out to see what else she releases because everything she does has such great production with polish and shine to it.

This says a lot because she's an artist that has a certain level of class and that comes through in the songs very much along with her authenticity and her honesty.

This is an excellent combination for any artist and she's pulling it off without a hitch and in a charming way to boot.

Definitely check this track out and then once you do, go listen to some of her previous single releases because there is something for everyone.

In terms of a vibrant dance-pop single, I'll give this a 9 out of 10 hands down.

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