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Moon Saloon releases a gorgeous single

A new release from Moon Saloon brings a beautiful set of cinematic tones to life with a contemporary and indie-pop undertone that utilizes electric guitar hooks, keys, and heavy-handed percussion that gives the song a driving feeling that flows smoothly with gorgeous vocals and this sort of anthemic approach.

"Apples" is a powerful and almost uplifting single that gives of quite a spirited get up and run towards the thing you want. Whatever it is, get up, and go.

The track boasts touches of retro-pop that come through in the form of keys and melodies from both instruments and vocals alike.

There is this wonderful feeling behind this track that has an almost wanderlust sort of feeling that lurks just beneath the surface and it all feels really good.

Moon Saloon has such a great approach to pop music that seems to come from emotional or impactful moments in her life that are descriptive and powerful in different ways constantly.

If you love this track, you'll love others like "Look Alive".

Her music bares her soul to an extent, and she portrays her energy in such a graceful way that it becomes addictive quickly.

The songs are engulfing in the best ways possible, and all have this way of letting you just get washed away with them.

After a song ends you want more. You want to feel more from the next song. You know it will have something that may cause memories to flash in your head randomly.

These songs sway you to follow them. Let them take you where they are going.

Because it feels good to let it happen, you go with it and it's worth every second.

Dive into "Apples" and form there, swim through the rest of her songs. You'll be happy you did.

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