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Mikki Zip - "Long Live Longnecks"

Born in Syracuse, NY, Mikki Zip took root in the vibrant soil of Nashville, TN, back in 2012 when she was a mere thirteen years old. A swift arrival that foreshadowed her journey in the world of music, as Zip embarked on her trajectory as a singer/songwriter in the heart of Music City. From the local fairs and bustling festivals to the intimate bars and savory BBQ joints, her voice resonated through various venues, a testament to her fervent passion for the stage. This fervor led her to pursue a BFA in Performing Arts, honing her craft on both the West Coast and in the Big Apple. Having donned her cap and gown in 2020, Zip returned to Nashville to etch her mark as a recording artist. She finds solace in the time-honored traditions of country music's storytelling prowess. Her compositions bear the imprints of vintage country charm, harmonizing with a touch of rock n' roll exuberance and contemporary sonic currents. Be it the electric ambiance of a full-band performance or the intimate embrace of an acoustic set, Zip's live shows pulsate with dynamic energy. From the high-octane anthems that beckon you to dance, to the soul-stirring ballads that tug at heartstrings, her range is vast and encompassing. Her latest release, "Long Live Longnecks," transports listeners to the dimly lit corners of a country bar on a Saturday night. What's particularly captivating is the attitude woven into its fabric—an enigmatic darkness paired with an unapologetic edge. The vocals resonate crisply, and it's intriguing to note the audacious mention of specific libations, delivered with a Friday night nonchalance. "Long Live Longnecks" bridges the realms of rock and country, with a pop-infused core that flirts with mainstream appeal. Its universal magnetism is undeniable; one can envision it becoming an anthem, a sonic emblem for countless ears to rally behind. As Mikki Zip weaves her musical tale, she leaves us poised to join her on this melodious expedition.

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