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Melotika Hits It Hard With Retro A Dance-pop Single

A new double single released from Melotika hits that retro-pop sound with a genuine aesthetic and a colorful set of textures that you can't help but get up and dance to.

The A-side is called "21" serves and an introduction to the single itself and puts out a passionate performance vocally along with ambient and spacey electronica undertones in the form of a piano ballad.

The intro brings us right into the main single called "Dancing Without You" which hits the ground running with a youthful energy and a hell of a dance drive.

The track boasts some bright synth sound and a soulful vocal approach which in combination, works incredibly well together.

The single is beautifully woven and comes off refreshing and with a real deal nostalgic throw back sound.

"Dancing Without You" sounds like a major radio dance pop song you'd hear on a radio station in the 80's and it's neon lit tonality is amazing.

Melotika puts off such a vibrant drive and has such a love for her craft that it shows with every single second of this song.

The artist is absolutely paving her path in the pop music world and with an outstanding array of releases under her belt, "Dancing Without You" is just the latest in a string of killer pop songs she has given to us all.

She has pretty much everything you'd want from a classic pop diva and she's doing things on her own terms which shows clearly in the music.

Her character is evident and we better start paying attention because Melotika may be the next big thing in pop.

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