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Mehmet Akbal releases a beautiful instrumental record

A new album from Mehmet Akbal is a beautiful and deepening soundscape of well-orchestrated pieces that swell and swim around you as they portray emotion and passion.

The Cure album is the score from the original motion picture and it's absolutely moving as an array of light and dark instrumentation flows through time and space taking you to different places each time.

Strings are shimmering and steady but showcase a gorgeous and touching set of melodies as high and low notes play octaves of each other and let the whole thing grow as intense as it was intended to be.

The tracks feature a tasteful palette and shine with dynamic range and depth.

Acoustic guitars, piano, violons, cellos, and more all come together to portray a full range of feels and they all give off a signature feel for the chapter or scene.

The record boasts a damn strong cinematic tonality as intended you can feel that drive.

The whole set of works are built with an excellent attention to detail and at times really do complement each other very well even if that wasn't the intent exactly.

The release has a spacious and almost spiritual undertone as well and that in itself becomes addicting.

Take some time with this one and let it soak in.

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