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Mansion on the Hill Delivers A Classic Album

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

A brand-new release from Mansion on the Hill brings out an array of sonic textures that present themselves as wonderfully woven contemporary, classic rock, and so much more that are all rolled together to give something that has its own approach, and it works incredibly well as the songs each tell their own story but still manage to connect to each other.

The Eye Hustling album gives off the feel of a live performance and the guitar work across the record is outstanding as it gives off everything from a harder edge to a smooth-flowing set of layered notes that sit atop each other and form a wave that you can just ride along with.

This album definitely has some great energy and by the time you get halfway through it you really don't know what to expect next, but you know it's going to be good, catchy, most likely danceable, and something that you can fall into easily.

The percussion on the record is killer and this drummer knows how to do everything to keep songs in their character where they should be.

Bass lines across the release are also really key with these songs and the way the mix is done is really good because you can actually hear that bass loud and clear which is something that tends to be buried half the time with rock music.

These songs feel alive and breathing and it's really a good time to let yourself get washed away with these tracks.

Sometimes you get anthemic choruses that are very strong and impactful but still have this sort of mellowness to them that keeps you grounded.

I love this mix of songs that are cinematic and floaty and songs that are driving and hard-hitting with bright energy and a little extra edginess.

It's really quite a combination and this is what I mean when I mentioned you not really sure what to expect next in line.

One of the things I really like about this record is the lyrics because they tell these stories with description so you're able to almost paint pictures in your head of of the things that are being said.

You can really escape into this record, and I think that's something special.

Some of these tracks give me such a sense of nostalgia because they feel like songs I listened to when I was growing up.

They have that real-deal classic rock and contemporary undertone so that the aesthetic feels almost like that of the 80s or early 90s.

I feel like that's where some of the influences for this record were drawn from.

Most of all though, you find yourself relating to a lot of what's being said during these songs and it helps you feel connected to the record almost like it was meant for you and that's something you don't come across often.

Definitely give this record to spend when you get a chance because it's certainly not a waste of your time.

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