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Madzilla drops a brand new music video with "Reign"

Listen, we love Madzilla. Straight up. These guys always hit us with hard punching tracks that have some outstanding riffs and enough power to take down small cities.

The new single "Reign" is an absolute bone crusher and features some awesome leads and an array of powerhouse metal drumming and guitar work to go along with rattling bass tones and growling vocals that all leave you spitting blood and craving more.

Madzilla drops so much material you can just expect something new from them a month after the last blistering single and they all have a balls out blasting sound that you just want to scream along with.

Part of the coolness of Madzilla is also the fact that the release a badass video for almost every new track they drop and each video shows the band destroying in a sort of live setting.

The video for "Reign" keeps true to that style but also features some awesome animated scenes of military organization trying to take down the Madzilla roaming the land.

It's awesome and completely fun as it cuts bac to the band bending strings and smashing drums as they do best.

We're now looking forward even more to the videos that come along with the new songs these guys release like it's no big deal.

It sounds like creating wicked metal songs is like second nature to Madzilla and we're damn happy about it.

Check out the band's YouTube page to really soak it all in properly.

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