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Lunar Division gives us an everything rock opus

Lunar Division just hit us with a trashing, swelling, space rock album that takes a multitude of rock sub genres and rolls them up into one massive soundscape that has a way of kicking you right in the face. We mean that in the best way possible.

The Phantom album is riddled with fuzztone breakdowns, anthemic power rock, a vast and spacious experimental undertone, and even a [progressive side that all create this crazy atmosphere that you really just don't see coming at all.

You get cinematic radio rock power ballads that explode into harmonies and calming energy, and you also get a high-octane punk feel at times.

By the time you get halfway through the album you come to expect the unexpected.

This was incredibly well performed almost like the players were there feeding off of each other's energies.

You actually do get this live performance feel sometimes.

Guitar tones go from thrashy to clean with melodic guitar solos, and you begin to understand that Lunar Division is a culmination of influences some together to make something impactful in as many ways as possible.

You can sing along with your lighter in the air, you can bang your head, you can dance around the living room. It's all there.

For sure getting some classic late 90's alternative rock styles that shine through and show face.

They aren't afraid of experimenting with sounds and effects. They go with it.

It's like Mustache, meets Iron Maiden, meets Oasis, meets Ween, meets a variety of classic punk rock.

It's quite a journey and it's all outstanding.

Any fans or rock in all forms will love this band.

Dive into this one and crank it all up.

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