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Luna Wood Keeps It Real With "Baggy T-Shirt"

In a string of singles releases this year, Luna Wood as been able to show herself and her songwriting in such a wonderful and personal way as songs go into detail and put together stories that were all pieces of her own life.

"Baggy T-Shirt" is a perfect example of her storytelling ability in song. She speaks her truth and how she felt and it's nothing crazy intense but it's things someone would have trouble saying to someone in general. So, Luna does it in her songs instead and that's a factor of how the songs work so well for her and for the listener.

These songs are relatable., You get it. You have likely been in very similar situations or felt like she did when she wrote the song.

Luna has this amazing and tastefully done vocal performance that really gives her a mature and slightly edgy feel and it's really good. It gets you a good idea of her style and if you li it, you'll like a bunch of her stuff.

Don't get me wrong, she's got surprises and always manages to change her game a little bit with a new song, but she has this staple feel as well. Something that's hers and hers alone that makes you just know it's her when you hear her.

It's all smooth and catchy, loose but intricate and fun. She knows how to write a song that is pretty personal but also has a groove to tit and you can jam with as well.

It's a great combination for an artist to have in terms of songwriting especially.

Once you've got your fill of the single for a bit, you should rally go into her previous releases as there are a strong set of them that are just perfect.

Among the best are "West Coast", "Home Again", and "Wilting Flowers" which can all be found on her Spotify page.

You can also check her Instagram or Facebook to learn more about the artist, and even check out her live set on YouTube.

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